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Show and Tell in the Tamil classroom
15 July, 2021

Recently, students from the senior Tamil class at the VSL Point Cook centre gave oral presentations on their hand-made, self-introductory posters. Throughout term 2, these students had been learning how to introduce themselves, their family, school, likes and dislikes as well as hobbies and future aspirations in Tamil, both orally and in a written format. To assess their understanding of these topics, students were required to create a poster containing a minimum of 10 sentences about themselves and their families in Tamil. They were also encouraged to add relevant pictures or drawings and were given full freedom for designing their posters. They then presented their posters in front to the class.

By crafting these posters, students were able to not only demonstrate their ability to self-introduce, but they also had an opportunity to showcase their creativity and individuality. They also developed their public speaking skills via the show and tell presentation. Students also had a lot of fun making the posters and wanted more similar activities in the upcoming terms.

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