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Premier’s Award - Samarth Raghavendra
07 September, 2021

Samarth Ram Raghavendra was a VCE Hindi student who completed his language studies at the Victorian School of Languages, Glen Waverley Centre, in 2020, under the expert tutelage of Mrs Manjeet Thethi.  Samarth achieved a final study score of 46, for which he received a Premier’s Award to acknowledge his outstanding academic performance.   What makes his achievement so commendable is that he completed his Units 3&4 Hindi studies (and Units 3&4 Biology) while still in Year 11 at Haileybury College.

 A considerable portion of his VCE studies was completed under remote learning conditions, which were far from ideal and awkward for many students. Obviously, Samarth’s pluck and determination did not falter, as evidenced by his illustrious final study scores.

Samarth, along with his parents, was invited to revisit our Glen Waverley Centre and speak with this year’s VCE students to share with them his success story and encourage them along their learning journey to reach peak performance.  Students were awe-struck and inspired by his wise counsel, and his teacher, Area Manager and parents were equally delighted to be present and so proud of his positive impact.

He strongly believes that learning Hindi is undoubtedly one of the best decisions a student can make, owing to the great benefits it brings along with it. From academics to personality development, Hindi profoundly improves a student’s character in every way, Samarth affirms. His example is testimony of these assertions and is very likely to motivate other students to also pursue Hindi passionately in the future.

Samarth is a great example of perseverance, forbearance and loyalty to his school and ancestral roots, and we wish him every success in his academic pursuits and subsequent career aspirations.

Kevin Ryan, East 2 Area Manager

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