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Online Sinhala Concert 2020
25 November, 2020

As the education classroom is restricted due to the Covid-19 pandemic all over the world, teachers have to adopt new technology in order to continue the education of our students. This year’s concert has been made into a virtual online concert with the participation of all of my students. This type of online concert has generated a great deal of interest in both the students and their parents and has boosted the  students’ language ability, in speech, pronunciation and in their role-playing skills.

"Yalu Malu" is one of the stories from the Panchatantra collection of short stories. These stories were written in Sanskrit by Indian author Vishnu Sharma between 1200 - 300 BC. Panchatantra stories are translated into many languages and are used as children's short stories. All are known for their wisdom on life. The stories are narrated with animals as their main characters to rouse the interest in children at primary level.

Panchatantra stories can be used by parents and teachers as bedtime story telling, role playing or as dramas for school competitions and above all for moral education.

Moral of this story: A sharp mind is one’s greatest strength.

This production will be telecast in Sri Lanka by Rupavahini Productions and as such it will further promote the excellent job that the VSL does in supporting the teaching of the Sinhala language and culture in Victoria.

Mrs Dinusha Munaweera

Year 3 Sinhala

Brentwood SC VSL.


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