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East Timor Fundraiser
18 July, 2017
For the last six years, VSL students and staff have organised fundraising activities to assist local schools in East Timor. We are delighted to announce that this year the VSL has collected $8,238 for the Ainaro Community School. This is a wonderful result, bringing the total raised over this period to over $37,000. Due to this generosity, students at the school will benefit enormously from opportunities to learn, grow and excel. The money raised will go a long way to supporting and engaging the youth of Ainaro in activities that will further their prospects in life. With such support they are able to: - put more volunteer teams into Ainaro to run the English Support Program - support ongoing tertiary scholarships for a number of students (including teaching and nursing courses). - provide funds to support the professional development of teachers in the Ainaro district. - assist with the Art training program in Ainaro, where young students are receiving training in the Arts and learning English at the same time. Thank you to the generous VSL community!
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Turkish Immersion Classes South Oakleigh
19 June, 2017
The Oakleigh South Immersion classes had a distinct Turkish flavour on June 3rd as students, parents and teachers created Turkish specialities such as kurabiye, mercimekli köfte and börek. The sweet spice aromas wafted in and out of the school corridors as our Turkish students happily laboured in the home economics area. Although the students believed that it would a simple cooking lesson the teachers had something else in mind as well. The lesson conveniently camouflaged a multitude of educational layers, educational experiences and provided for an engaging student friendly learning processes. It also provided an opportunity for teachers and parents to model the Turkish cultural experience. The result was just scrumptiously educational! The students provided restaurant standard presentation and quality. Our pictures below can attest to the success of this memorable Turkish immersion class.
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International Children’s Festival
24 May, 2017
The International Children’s Festival which has been taking place in Melbourne since 2002 is an extension of the 23rd of April National Sovereignty and Children’s Day celebrated in Turkey which draws children’s dance groups from over 120 countries around the world. The festival in Melbourne brings together the children from Turkish schools as well as children's groups from various ethnic backgrounds. As outlined by the Association of International Children’s Festival organizers, the International Children's Festival in Melbourne tries to diminish the existing misunderstanding and intolerance among different communities of diverse racial, religious and cultural backgrounds by providing an occasion for the children to get together and help promote and foster collective consciousness towards a uniting Australian cause. In the past, the Victorian School of Languages has successfully been represented in this festival. This year, we have had more time to prepare with 3 dance groups from 3 different VSL Centres displaying excellent performances drawing great admiration from the audience and organizers alike. Our contribution in strengthening the Children’s Festival with our support and participation with our dance groups were specifically acknowledged and appreciated by the Festival organizers and we have officially been invited to take part in next years’ festival with more groups. We would like to thank the following teachers and students for their hard work and fantastic performances in this important and meaningful event: 1) Macedonian teacher/ dance instructor Ms. Vesna Damcevska and students (Keilor Downs VSL Centre) 2) Bosnian parent/dance instructor Ms. Senada Ekic and students (Creekside VSL Centre) 3) Punjabi teacher/dance instructor Ms. Shally Khanna and students (Hampton Park VSL Centre). Sadik Cagdas and Holger Nord
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Mother's Day Concert at Berwick VSL
24 May, 2017
The Berwick VSL Centre is one of our newer locations, having opened in 2015. The Centre is gradually growing and has full Hindi, Swahili, Spanish and Chinese classes with enthusiastic and passionate staff and a very engaged community. The new supervisor Mr. Andrew Tomlin had the great idea to organise a Mother's Day concert for the Berwick campus, arranging, with the generous support of Berwick College, the Performing Arts Centre at the school. Hard-working teachers and students pulled of a great display of recital and dance! I am sure that everyone involved is looking forward to next year's event! Well done to all and a big thanks for the support by the parents and community!
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Sinhala New Year Festival at Dandenong
10 May, 2017
What is the meaning of the New Year Festival in Sri Lanka and how do we celebrate it? These were the "guiding questions" that provided the dramaturgic guidelines that saw all 130 Sinhalese students from Hampton Park being involved in this year's festivities. Held at the hall of the Dandenong High School, the colourful occasion demonstrated the growing experience and professionalism with which staff and volunteers managed this event; congratulations to all! It was a highly entertaining as well as enlightening event for participants and guests alike and was further supported by Vishvavahini, the TV channel! The photos show the staff members of the Sinhala Faculty as well as some impression of the day! Well done to all!
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